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Control Your Air Conditioner From Your iPhone? There’s An App For That



Now your iPhone can give you the cold shoulder (rimshot).

If you live in a place that needs air-con, then you probably already have it. You can move along now. But if you are shopping for a new AC unit, or you happened to buy one made by Kühl, then why not consider this new dongle that will let you control the unit from the cool comfort of your own iPhone?

It’s certainly a good idea. I have neither air conditionaing nor heating in my apartment, but I can imagine that it’s easy to just fire up the AC and leave it running. There are probably even people — in the U.S at least — who will put on a sweater if it gets too cold.

The dongle works via Wi-Fi and can be easily plugged in to the Kühl unit you already own, allowing you to control it from a companion iPhone app. The company behind the Kühl brand — Friedrich — has revealed very few details about the pairing, but you can assume that basic functions will be taken care of, so you can forget about the IR remote you usually use and just pull your iPhone from your perfectly-chilled pocket.

To find out when the dongle launches, and how much it will cost, you can sign up at the page linked below.

Source: Friedrich Air Conditioning

Via: Technabob