AirFoil Speakers Touch Resurfaces In App Store After Facing Rejection From Apple


Airfoil Speakers Touch has been yanked from the App Store. Why? Only Apple knows.
It's back.
  • ChrisOD

    So basically, don’t update your app. This is such a great feature too! I bought it straight away. Sometimes Apple frustrates me.

  • technochick

    Clearly not a developer or you would know that such use of the AirPlay protocol is by separate license with Apple. Rogue Amoeba didn’t have it which is why they didn’t have access to the legit software and resorted to reverse engineering it. If you were a developer you would know that the rules we all sign before we are part of the program include that any app can be rejected at any time and Apple doesn’t owe you an explanation. 

    Basically you and your buddies at Rogue Amoeba are whining about rules that were well known and agreed to before this all started. So the smack down and rejection were totally earned. 
  • alienspaces

    I *just* tried to install it, and even though I was able to press ‘install app’, once I was back in the Springboard, it failed to install saying “The item you tried to buy is no longer available”. ugh.  

  • Joe Mommie

    guess ill be seeing it or something like it in cydia…