For the Serious Adventurer Only: Mophie’s New Military-Spec Battery Case



My first decision is easy when heading out on an outdoor adventure: Take the iPhone with me? Oh, you betcha. The next one is much more difficult. Since the iPhone requires a boost in both protection and juice when playing Indiana Jones, I’m forced to choose between slipping on a battery case and worrying about my iPhone shattering on a rock, or (painstakingly) wrapping it in a rubber case and hoping it doesn’t run out of power.

But Mophie’s new $130 iPhone 4/S battery pack — sort of a cross between a tank and a tanker — says “COMPROMISE IS FOR THE WEAK.” And also, the poor.

The Mophie Juice Pack Pro is a really big battery pack wrapped in a really tough case equipped with a belt clip. On paper, its 2500 mAh battery — easily one of the largest we’ve ever seen on an iPhone battery case — has enough juice to fill the iPhone 4’s 1420 mAh battery almost twice. The case “exceeds MIL-STD 810G” standards, which probably means it’ll protect the iPhone against beatings and moisture, but probably isn’t for underwater demolition use.

The downside? Well, there’s the price tag; and the thing probably handles like a pig. But for those ‘core enough about their adventures, the price and bulk might be easily justified. Right?

  • Ignacio Rosenberg

    Its like a Hummer…for your phone.  Actually it looks like you’d need a Hummer to move it around.

  • Asko Karhunen

    I actually prefer my Lifeproof case as it saved my phone after a 4 story drop down an elevator shaft and it is still completely waterproof.

  • certified_dan

    I’m going to wait out for something better! this still isn’t WATERPROOF!

    The LifeProof case looks nice but it seems to lack serious shock protection.
  • sushanthamin

    Steve wont like this casing for IPHONE.

  • joewaylo

    Steve wont like this casing for IPHONE.

    I don’t think they’re looking for fashion in this case. More like you’re in the wilderness, drop the phone on a rock or a boulder and the glass doesn’t shatter. And you still have a double life battery pack. But if I was an outdoorsman I probably would have went for mophie juice pack plus® outdoor edition instead that has trail GPS built into it.

  • elimilchman

    @Asko: The LifeProof case is nice (and waterproof), but has no battery.

    @joewaylo: Actually, except for color, the Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition is identical to that of every other Juice Pack Plus. The only difference is that it comes bundled with software — specifically, a serious GPS app (that can also be purchased separately).