The Mac Pro Lives On: Stock Starts Dwindling Ahead Of Refresh At WWDC Next Week


Mac Pro

With the MacBook Pro, Air and iMac lineups all expected to see a refresh at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference next week, it looks like the seemingly-abanonded Mac Pro will also be updated. Apple has begun pulling Mac Pro stock from its retail stores and online shipping estimates are also starting to slip. This type of activity is typical right before a new version of an Apple product is announced, as Apple clears out its old inventory to make room for the new.

The Mac Pro saw its last refresh in July of 2010, and many have begun to lose faith that Apple will continue to support its ‘pro’ users as the company transitions to being more consumer-oriented. It would seem that we can all be hopeful for the future of the Mac Pro, as the machine is about to see its first refresh in nearly two years.

According to MacRumors:

A quick survey of roughly 100 U.S. Apple retail stores for availability of the entry-level stock Mac Pro model shows that nearly all of them are indeed out of stock for in-store pickup, although we did find four California stores and one Texas store with machines available for immediate pickup.

Projected availability dates for orders placed online today vary significantly, with some stores citing availability on June 8 or 9 while others would not be able to offer a Mac Pro for pickup until June 12 or 13.

Separately, 9to5Mac is saying that Apple will definitely release multiple new versions of the Mac Pro at WWDC. Pricing is said to be similar to the current models, and there will reportedly be three new configurations: two standard variants and one for OS X server. Intel’s new Xeon E5 chips would be perfect to power the new Pros.

Apple will likely bring Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 to the new Mac Pro, and it’s likely that the company will continue to release spec upgrades for the machine as time progresses. The unnatural gap period between the last Mac Pro refresh and this upcoming one left many concerned, but it looks like the Mac Pro will not be going away anytime soon.

  • Lane Jasper


  • drblank

    Good to hear it.   What I think would be great is rack mountable and optional things like redundant power supply.  

  • Cowicide

    Well… well… well…

    Does this mean that all the chicken littles that were desperately trying to inform us all that the Mac Pros were about to become extinct will finally shut the fuck up?

    Or at the very least, I hope people will stop listening to these tools in the future now that their reputations for being reliable sources for information is destroyed.  It was such a bore and distraction…
  • Atlanta Owner

    Let’s hope this time around we will get more than three gigs of RAM for $2500.00.

  • sushanthamin

    Apple never did a proper marketing for these products. MAC PRO has fantastic things bundled in, would be great to see rack mountable.

  • ppanah

    I’ve  been saying for months that Apple will update the Mac Pro this WWDC but everyone and every site/blog been busy about talking retina displayed iMacs and Macbook Pro’s that are thin as Macbook Air’s with retina display and whatnot… glad to know I’m right, as usual :)

  • ppanah

    Let’s hope this time around we will get more than three gigs of RAM for $2500.00.

    This time the Mac Pro will get a minimum of 4 gig’s of ram. to start with. 

  • jfc123

    Guys maybe the stock is dwindling because it is going to be discontinued at wwdc.

  • extra_medium

    Let’s hope this time around we will get more than three gigs of RAM for $2500.00.

    Maybe not, but however much you get, it will be all you need and thinking otherwise is heresy.

  • extra_medium

    It would be nice to see a new mac pro, but isnt just looking at stock levels and assuming it is on the way a bit of a jump? Its only natural if they arent selling that apple would stop stocking them, especially if everyone’s notion that they are trying to focus more on consumer level stuff is true.

  • Cowicide

    Only if this is right. Otherwise you’ll look quite the fool.

    It was right (of course) and the tools can finally STFU now, thx.