How To Make Your iPhone’s Notification Center Shut Up [Jailbreak]


Need some peace and quiet?
Need some peace and quiet?

Have you ever been making a phone call and had an email notification chime in your ear? Or how bout a banner notification pop up during a game or video? Sometimes you may just want to get away from alerts and incoming messages. Instead of notification after notification endlessly causing vibrations in your pocket, why not tell your iPhone that you’re out for lunch?

It would be nice for Apple to implement a “Do Not Disturb” feature into the iOS Notification Center, but until that day comes, jailbreakers can tell Notification Center to shut up with a couple of handy Cydia tweaks.

How to tell Notification Center to shut up:

A simple jailbreak tweak called BannerDisable puts a “Do Not Disturb” toggle in your iPhone or iPad’s Settings app. When you flip the toggle, all incoming notifications (banner or otherwise) are hidden from you. They are collected in the Notification Center drop-down window and lock screen, but you won’t hear, feel or see them while the toggle is on. Don’t fret, you can always open Notification Center to see what you’ve missed!

BannerDisable is available now for free in Cydia, but you’ll need to add a special repo to get it. Go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add in Cydia and type You’ll then be able to grab BannerDisable.

How to tell certain apps to shut up:

If you don’t want a blanket “Do Not Disturb” setting like BannerDisable, another jailbreak tweak called NotiQuiet may be right up your alley. Going back to the email chime during a phone call situation, NotiQuiet will allow you to mute all notifications while using a certain iOS app. So, for instance, you would never hear another notification while on a phone call ever again.

Like BannerDisable, missed notifications will still be collected in Notification Center for viewing later, but you won’t be annoyed by push notifications in certain apps. NotiQuiet is available for free in Cydia.

  • joewaylo

    Another way to tell apps to shut up:

    • Go through every app
    • Turn sounds, badges, and alerts off for non-critical apps.
    • Turn off alerts to critical apps later
  • jeremyknaack

    Now we need a NCSettings toggle to turn this on/off

  • Gabriel Martin


    Is this the ONLY consolation we are getting when we are buying ios idevices???

    Because from my apple tv, new ipad, kids ipod touch 4 & iphone 4s ( all jailbroken because IF NOT we will be crazy of so many boring stuff they put in their OS.

    Its about time they will change the 2007 old UI & fake multitasking they have now…

    I know its a wishful thinking as we are waiting for iphone 5 & if its not groudbreaking – GALAXY s3 is TEMPTING…

  • Omar Badillo

    I thought there had a switch for that… a silent mode

  • iMacFlowerPowerCRT

    Geez, people, ios 6 will have this, someone told me.

  • nthnm

    I thought there had a switch for that… a silent mode

    Silent mode still allows you to see the notification, and feel it if you have vibration enabled.