Beam and Share Your iPhone Photos To Any Web Browser [iOS Tips]



Sharing photos from the iPhone is great in a pinch, but wouldn’t it be nice to see them on a much bigger screen? Say, a computer screen, or in a web browser? Guess what? The folks at Scalado AB have solved this problem for you already! Their app, Scalado PhotoBeamer, is available now for a mere $0.99, and they claim to allow you to share photos to any browser.

Download the Scalado PhotoBeamer app from the App Store and launch it on your iPhone. You’ll be invited to tap on the button along the bottom of the screen and choose a picture from your photo album.

Once selected, the app will direct you to open a web browser on your Mac (or PC) and go to Once there, you’ll be able to scan a specially generated QR code with the PhotoBeamer app.

When you scan the code (I found better results holding my phone farther away from my laptop screen), your selected photo will pop up in the browser screen, ready to be shared with anyone in the room. This seems like a really great way to share photos if you have a computer available. No more squinting at the screen or zooming in and out to see the details on the smaller iPhone screen.

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Via: AppShopper

  • Tomi De Lucca

    the latest bump upgrade does the same for free!

  • Steve Lawrence

    Pity the images it ‘beams’ are horribly low-res