Our Favorite Rangefinder-Style iPhone Case Just Got Better (And Cheaper)



Now there really is no excuse not to retro-fy your iPhone

Cult of Mac’s favorite iPhone case for photographers — the Gizmon Rangefinder Case — has just been improved with new functions, plus a leather strap. And what’s more, it’s actually cheaper than it used to be.

The Rangefinder case still comprises a snap-together polycarbonate chamber which protects the iPhone and adds a real shutter button, strap mounts and a tripod screw as well as a self-portrait mirror and a magnetic mount for accessory lenses, only now you also get a stylish leather strap as well as a set of grippy, colored faceplates to change the look of the case to match your outfit.

Better still is that even if you don’t care for this cutomization and only want this excellent case and strap, you will still pay less than you would have for v1.0: the Gizmo Rangefinder is now $55 instead of $65, and has all of the improvements listed above. Available now.

Source: Four Corner Store

Thanks: Nic