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Twig, An iPhone Cable That Doubles As A Tripod


Twig is your handy bendy iPhone cable.

I test a lot of gadgets, and so I inevitably have stacks of USB cables left over. I’m pretty sure that a geek like you also has more than his or her fair share of wires. But I’ll be that none of them is as handy as the Twig, a bendable, pose-able iPhone cable that doubles as a tripod.

The design is ingenious. From the 30-pin dock connector sprout three stubby legs, looking like a cricket wicket. The middle leg terminates in a USB plug, and can be used to charge and sync as normal. However, these fat legs also have strong wires inside, and can be bent like the arms and legs of cheap action figures.

Once bent they stay bent, so you can form the Twig into a tripod by splaying the legs, or just plug it into a wall-charger and angle it up so you can still see who’s calling.

Twig launched just a few days ago on Kickstarter and has already blown through its $50,000 goal, but you still have almost two months to pitch in around $20 to pre-order one of your own.

Source: Kickstarter

Via: Petapixel