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41 responses to “Want More Features? Meet the MacBook AirCraft”

  1. Chris Maxcer says:

    Hey, this graphic had me crackin’ up as soon as it loaded. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I don’t think the MacBook Air was designed so that it would be purchased in large quantities . . . it was designed just because it looks pretty, has a cool name, and will win design awards. Also, did everyone notice how Steve Jobs in his keynote praised Intel for shrinking the processor? Except he framed the praise so that Apple maintained the control, something like, “We asked them to. . . . ” I was all phrased so that Apple is the industry leader. And if Apple’s laptops are using the same Intel processors as everyone else, that’s just one less point of distinction between the competition. Which brings up the point that maybe Apple made the MacBook Air just to remind everybody that Apple designs the best looking hardware, especially since that upstart Dell is starting to use glass and slick colors in its product line.

  2. tbo says:

    How about changing the name to “MacBook AirCraftCarrier”?

  3. mayo says:

    I like the floppy drive

  4. E says:

    Spend a few (more) bucks and buy at little USB extension cable like I had to do for my 1st gen iPod shuffle. I also had to use one with USB flash drives for my old Compaq desktop that also had recessed ports.

    Here’s one on Amazon for $4.35


    If it’s too much trouble, then you need a MB, MBP, or MPAC!

    Or maybe the mobile operators will start having USB adapters designed more friendly for recessed USB ports…I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.


    P.S. Where’s the parallel printer port on the MBAC ?

  5. mywayhome says:

    Thats exactly what i was looking for!
    Thank you apple! :)

  6. mywayhome says:

    Thats exactly what i was looking for!
    Thank you apple! :)

  7. blackbeard says:

    Oh there is missing a parallel port to connect a legacy printer and also 2 PS2 sockets would be fine

  8. Electroboy says:

    “Still, did Apple really need to make the single USB port on the MacBook Air so recessed that you can’t plug in a 3G radio adapter?”

    Worked for the headphone port on the iPhone. I guess Belkin must be bribing Apple to recess all of their ports these days.

  9. roland says:

    the fun of it is that if the ports are on the right side of the machine, this will result in a fine slope from right to left.

    scsi 1.0 & 2.0 , RS232, parallel-printer-port, ADB are missing.

    Additionally, please think about MIDI, audio in/out (analog and digital) S-Video/video in/out.

    (thanks for the fun)

  10. Doug says:

    Yeah…..lets go from one extreme to another. That’s helpful.

  11. Andrew DK says:


  12. Nick says:

    I could have used a parallel port.

  13. E says:

    I guess all the missing ports are on the *other* side ;-)

  14. Applfangrl says:

    I agree theat looks dumb, but how about just adding Ethernet, and FireWire (which is, ya know, like, Apple’s TRADEMARK!).

  15. ejronin says:

    You’ve GOT to include some kind of acknowledgment to Microsoft. Apple doesn’t yet have any stake in the gaming industry, so include a proprietary XB360 port. Also, don’t forget to report that the Mac AirCraft can still boot to Windows (for some reason they made that a selling point on macbook pros)

  16. Dann says:

    The other side is hollow, so you can store that PB&J you brought for lunch.

  17. TheBug says:

    Lame, no punch card reader…

  18. phoenix says:

    And they’re STILL missing a modem port! Sheesh! ;)

  19. Cameron Talley says:

    @ Dan: Knowing the heat of laptops that will also let you toast your sandwhich why you work!

  20. Harold says:

    That’s a scream! not to mention a picture that tells a story…

  21. Scribs says:

    Legacy SCSI! I want my legacy SCSI support — and where’s iSCSI at that, anyway?