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Cute NuForce Cube Speaker Packs In High-End Audiophile Features



Imagine a JawBone JamBox, complete with its cute combination packaging/display case. Now imagine that it has been shrunken down into a two-inch cube. Further, try to picture a box that has had the Bluetooth radio extracted and replaced by a high-end DAC (digital analog converter) and a quality headphone amp. Now, keep this picture on your head as you reach around and pat yourself on the back and hear the theme from Rocky in your head.

Congratulations — you have successfully imagined the NuForce Cube, whilst simultaneously engaging all three of your main sensory systems.

The cute Cube is rather interesting. You connect a source via minijack or USB, and it comes with an adapter that will connect a Nano and also act as a kind of dock. USB connected devices have their sound converted to analog within the speaker for a better quality result, and if you don’t want to use the speaker itself you can plug in a big pair of headphones to the powered headphone amp.

It’s all rather impressive for such a small box.

The li-ion battery lasts eight hours and powers the three-watt speaker and amp combo. And the package doesn’t skimp on the accessories, either — you also get a USB cable (as if you need another one) along with a 3.5mm audio cable and a soft carrying case.

The price is $130 which — if this sounds as good as is promised — is a bargain.

Source: Nuforce

Thanks: Jessica