Steve Jobs Taught Tim Cook That “Focus Is Key” And To Strive For The Very Best



Apple CEO Tim Cook shared some thoughts on the late Steve Jobs and his influence on Apple tonight at the D10 conference. When asked how the loss of Jobs has affected Apple, Cook admitted that the death of Jobs was “one of the saddest days of my life,” but that his company is still intensely driven to strive for the very best.

Cook said Jobs taught him that “focus was key,” and to “not accept good,” but only the very best.

At Apple, “we have a culture of excellence that’s so unique,” remarked Cook. “Steve also taught us to look forward, to not look at the past. When I say things aren’t going to change, I’m talking about the culture of Apple. You can’t replicate it. You can’t get a consultant report and replicate it. It’s something in our DNA.”

Cook said that Steve Jobs told him to only” do what was right” as CEO instead of trying to replicate the decisions Jobs would make. “He would flip on something so fast that you would forget that he was taking the 180 position the day before!” said Cook.

Apparently Steve Jobs was all for the charitable donation program Cook launched after becoming CEO. Jobs never participated or encouraged public philanthropy.

Cook did note that “We’re going to double down on secrecy on products,” hinting that he wasn’t pleased with how the company’s plans have been leaked before under the supervision of his micromanaging predecessor.

Source: AllThingsD