Tim Cook: Apple Invented The Modern Tablet



Talking with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher today at the D: All Things Digital conference, Tim Cook explained why the iPad wasn’t the same as the Mac.

“The tablet is different,” said Cook. “It can do things that aren’t encumbered by what the PC was. We didn’t invent the tablet market, we invented the modern tablet.”

He went on to repeat his metaphor about converging a toaster and a fridge, saying that such a convergence wouldn’t make a good product. He said that there were other ways to make a tablet, but Apple wouldn’t be the one making to do it. He also dropped a bit of a hint about the upcoming WWDC keynote, saying, “That’s not what is coming next week.”

“I love convergence, I think it’s great in many areas,” Cook said. “But products are about tradeoffs, you have to choose. The more you look at a tablet as a PC, the more the baggage from the past affects the product.”

Source: AllThingsD