Behind The Scenes Of Apple’s NYC Fifth Avenue Retail Store [Gallery]


Rolling shelves fill the Apple Store's back-of-house.
Rolling shelves fill the Apple Store's back-of-house.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes at your local Apple Store? Customers can walk-in and see the products on the store floor, but what happens behind the back doors?

Some photos from one of Apple’s main retail stores in New York City reveal rarely-seen areas, including where the store keeps its inventory.

Store workers count inventory downstairs.
White bins hold miscellaneous products and accessories alongside cleaning supplies.
Where store Geniuses work when they're not at the bar.
"The cage" houses Apple's most valuable products, like Mac models, in locked away shelves.
Products held in plain boxes. Apple uses the alphabet to keep track of inventory.

The pics are a couple years old, but they show a side of the Apple Store few get to see.

Source: ifoAppleStore

  • Connor Mulcahey

    Pretty cool

  • Jonathan Ober

    Impressed with how neat and tidy everything is. There is just a sense of value in every single item you won’t find in side a big box store like walmart or costco where everything is just thrown in a corner. (and yes I have worked for places like this/seen the behind the employee only door)

  • technochick

    A couple of years old, probably completely inaccurate at this point and likely got someone fired since those kind of photos are the type of stuff that Apple would bar. 

    oh and that photo labeled ‘where Geniuses work’ is unlikely since only a total moron opens a computer outside of a temp controlled clean space with at least an ESD safe surface but preferably a full rig with body cables and that is NOT such a space by a long shot. That might be where some kind of tech secretary works who only handles the paper work but more likely its some kind of inventory office space.