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Apple Launches Free App Of The Week And Editor’s Choice Picks


App Of The Week

Finding apps in the App Store can be daunting. Sure, you can use the search function, or the Top Ten lists there, but still, with over 500,000 apps just sitting there waiting to be downloaded, it takes a lot of wading to find the true gems. That’s why Apple started their promotional areas in iTunes, to help consumers find quality apps and games. The New and Noteworthy section, the Hot Apps section, and the more recent iPhone and iPad App of the Week features call out the best of the best, in Apple’s eyes, at least. Now they’ve gone and added a new way to help you find the cream of the crop in their much lauded store: Free App of the Week.

It also looks like Apple has retired the iPad and iPhone App of the Week in favor of a new classification: Editor’s Choice. This week’s choices include Facebook Camera on the iPhone, with Chillingo’s AirMail and Autodesk Inc.’s SketchBook Ink getting Editor’s Choice on the iPad.

Interestingly, while the App Store Twitter account tweeted a hashtag calling Cut the Rope: Experiments as the #FreeAppoftheWeek‬, the iTunes information page for the game app itself simply says, “App of the Week,” as you can see above. Whether Apple will continue to use the Free App of the Week designation as well as the older App of the Week one is anyone’s guess.

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Thanks: Jeff Scott