Coda 2 And Diet Coda Now Available In The U.S. App Store


The new Coda is here.
The new Coda is here.

Following a rollout in other iTunes Stores around the world over the last several hours, Panic’s Coda 2 and Diet Coda have officially gone live in the U.S. Mac and iOS App Stores. Panic announced the two apps yesterday by saying that both apps were set to drop on Thursday, May 24th.

You can download Coda 2 for Mac at a special 50% off sale right now in the Mac App Store. The app only costs $50 for the next 24 hours.

Release notes:


✔ Better User Interface

• Visual Tabs. Find files quickly, and see more tabs at once.
• Customizable Sidebar. Put your favorite, powerful Coda tools in the sidebar dock.
• Streamlined Workflow. You’ll always know what you’re looking at.
• Code Focus. Hide the sidebar, or go full-screen, and get work done.

✔ Better Text Editing

• Code Folding. Finally.
• Smart Complete. Autocomplete your custom variables + functions.
• Automatic Indentation
• Smarter Automatic Closing Tags
• Tab Key Text-Shifting
• One-Press Character Wrapping

✔ Better File Management

• Git. In addition to SVN, now you can manage source with GIT.
• Complete File Management. FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and S3, with a Transmit interface.
• Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine. Some of the fastest file transfer in the industry.
• Path Bar Browsing. Click a path bar segment for an instant file list.
• Open Quickly. Pop it open, type a few characters, and find what you’re looking for.
• Group Folders Above Files. A very popular request.

✔ Better Clips

• Multiple Placeholders. Quickly tab between the bits that need input.
• Dynamic Placeholders. Automatically fill in dates, URL’s, text selections, and more.
• Insertion Points. Put the cursor at the right place, every time.
• Import/Export.

✔ Better Sites

• Groups. Drag related sites into a site board.
• List View. See even more sites at a glance.
• iCloud Sites + Clips Sync. Even with Diet Coda on your iPad.

✔ Better Design

• Revolutionary CSS Pops. GUI pop-ups help with the hardest CSS as you code.
• Live Changes. See your CSS changes affect your page real-time.
• iPad / iPhone Preview. Shrink down your preview to just the right size.

✔ Better MySQL

• Built-In MySQL Editor. Without leaving Coda, administer your site’s database with ease.
• Edit Structure or Content
• Run Arbitrary Queries

✔ Better Everything

• Improved Live Hints. As you type HTML, JS, or PHP, quick reference can appear in the sidebar.
• CSS Styles in Code Navigator
• Code Navigator Filtering and Sorting
• All-New Books
• Places
• Better Ruby Support
• Skip Files Rules
• Improved HTML and CSS Validation
• Easier Theme Editing
• Full-Screen Mode
• Labels
• Quick Look
• Plugin API Improvements
• Much, Much More


It’s magic. Get our brand-new app, Diet Coda, exclusively for your iPad. Pair it with Coda 2 on your desktop. Then, watch your mind blow.

Diet Coda, Panic’s new iPad companion app, is also now available for $10 in the iOS App Store. The iPad app will cost $20 after Thursday, May 24th, so grab it now while it’s on sale!

Release notes:

✔ Remote Editing
Edit documents right on your server or staging server.

✔ Powerful FTP and SFTP File Management
Open, rename, modify, change permissions, the works.

✔ Sites
Quickly get to work on your servers.

✔ Syntax Highlighting
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, more to come.

✔ Revolutionary Super-Loupe
Positioning the cursor in iOS isn’t fun. We’ve changed that forever.

✔ Contextual Keyboard
The right special characters at the right time.

✔ Clips
Insert chunks of code with a single tap.

✔ Find and Replace
Including our ground-breaking “Wildcard” token

✔ Built-In Terminal
The power of Prompt built-in. A $7.99 value.

✔ Much More
Packed with thoughtful touches.


★ AirPreview
Use your iPad as a dedicated preview window for Coda 2 on the Mac

  • Jonathan Ober

    It would be awesome if you could conjure up a decent video review so that we could all know if the plunge to buy both apps should be done today or waited on…I would hate to have something unusable on my hands. Please review by 11pm EST Thursday if you could :)

  • DavidR

    I think Diet Coda is a bit overpricey for $20. No doubt it’s a great app, but in terms of features I think they are still in the early stage. Textastic or Koder have more interesting features and the price is more  reasonable IMO

  • Mopcodes

    I ordered it and the new iOS app for the discounted upgrade price, but they didn’t post any caveats about buying direct vs. App Store. The two day sale really sucks you know what too. Especially right before a holiday weekend. I think that is bad for customers. Short notice. Short sale. Oh and I bought direct take that App Store!! 

  • Houston Graham

    I’m having trouble downloading it from the App Store. Just get the spinning dashes. Anyone else?

  • Jonathan Ober

    I’m having trouble downloading it from the App Store. Just get the spinning dashes. Anyone else?

    Got them both in App Store and iTunes no issues. Both working fine. Can’t wait to put them through their paces.

  • dikaio

    I’ve reported numerous bugs about Coda 2 and when I didn’t get a
    response from Coda I posted them on their blog about the release of Coda
    2 and they removed my post, comical!
    If I were anyone I’d way till they
    fix the app from crashing. Also there’s an issue with the app not
    displaying the correct local folder. Also trying to hide the fact that
    “current customers” are trying to let other potential customers know of
    these bugs says a lot. I would have much rather seen them allow the post
    and have them acknowledge that there is bugs in the app but that theyre
    working on it.

    Honestly now I wish I didn’t dump the 49 on the app and
    just continued to wait for TextMate 2.