Joby’s Gorillapod, Now In Four Hideous 1980s-Inspired Colors




Joby’s can-do, go-everywhere flexible Gorillapod now comes in a range of hot, hot hues to match your camera. As long as your camera is lime green, fuchsia, sky blue or charcoal in color, that is.

Just the Gorillapod Original has been dipped in eye-searing paint, so if your camera weighs in at 325 grams (0.00036 short tons) or less, then you’re good to go. The newer, brighter tripods cost the same as the boring plain version, and of course have the same trademark bendable pose-able legs to let you park the thing pretty much anywhere.

The new 1980s-style Gorillapods are available now, for $20 each.

Source: Joby
Thanks: Christina!