Webby Awards Pay Special Tribute To Steve Jobs [Video]


A host of Hollywood celebrities payed special tribute to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs tonight at the 2012 Webby Awards. The special segment of Monday night’s show was introduced by the actors from Apple’s famous ‘Mac vs. PC’ TV ads, Justin Long and John Hodgman. Richard Dreyfuss, the actor who narrated the original Apple ‘Think Different’ ad, also took the stage to honor Jobs’ legacy.

Celebrities like Bill Clinton, George Lucas, Adrianna Huffington, Bono, Al Gore, Jimmy Fallon, Steve Colbert and John Stewart payed tribute to Jobs in a short video clip. The mashup ended with President Barack Obama saying, “We only need one word to describe Steve Jobs: amazing.”

Here’s the full transcript:

The Webby Awards Honor Steve Jobs

We thank you, Steve Jobs…

For making us love Apple;

For making technology into art;

For a handheld internet;

For still changing the world;

For saving lives with red;

For spreading American ingenuity worldwide;

For exploring beyond our reach—

A unique, far-reaching, irreplaceable mind;

For making the classroom fun.

Steve Jobs was insanely great.

He made turtlenecks sexy again.

A meticulous attention to detail.

Forty-three patented inventions. Check Wikipedia.

Thank you for thinking different.

Here’s to you, Steve Jobs.

Here’s to you, Steve Jobs.

Here’s to you, Steve Jobs.

Here’s to you, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was one of the great innovators of our time. And as his story, a story of American ingenuity, makes its way into history, from classrooms to boardrooms, future generations will marvel—just as we do—at this man, who dreamt so big and changed the way we live. The truth is, when we talk about Steve Jobs, we only need one word: amazing.

Via: Mashable