Try NotifyMe, An Alternative To Reminders [iOS Tips]



Some people are never satisfied. They are always searching for the app that brings just the tiniest advantage to their daily workflow. People like this might not want to just stick with the Reminders app that’s bundled in with iOS 5, no. They might want to try an alternative. One such alternative is NotifyMe. Let us tell you a bit more about it.

While the reminders app has the advantage of being already on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 5, NotifyMe has a few extra features for your task list creating pleasure.

First of all, NotifyMe takes less time to manually input a task. Their website, with video evidence, shows that it takes 7.8 seconds and 3 taps to use NotifyMe, while Reminders takes 14.5 seconds, 8 taps to input the same task. Siri has the advantage of no tapping, but comes in at a whopping 22.3 seconds.

NotifyMe will sync across versions and it has a website for web access, but both those features require a sign up with their cloud-based service. The other thing NotifyMe has that Reminders doesn’t is auto-snooze, custom repeating patterns, pre-alerts, and the ability to customize the sound of different reminders. Plus, NotifyMe provides its API for developers who want to hook in for their own apps. Overall, pretty great features for a fairly low price.

What NotifyMe does not have is location-based reminders, which may be ok for those of among us who don’t need that particular feature. For those of us that do, however, this might be the breaking point.

NotifyMe is on sale right now, coming in at $1.99 on the iPhone and free on the iPad. It’s even on sale for $4.99 on Mac OS X, but that’s not the point of this tips column. So, while it costs more on the iPhone that Reminders does, there might be enough features that you’d want to switch. Let us know if you do in the comments below.

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