Apple Retail Stores Desperately Wanted By Cities [Report]


The Apple Store in New York City's Grand Terminal.
The Apple Store in New York City's Grand Terminal.

Apparently, Apple retail stores are like catnip (or, something stronger, no doubt) to cities across the US. According to a new report, Apple is courted by cities looking to capture the extra cash of the tragically young and hip urban consumers that Apple Stores bring to area malls everywhere.

New York City is reported to only charge Apple a fraction of the amounts other retail stores or restaurants are charged, while Salt Lake City purportedly offered five years of free rent.

The concept here is simple. Apple Stores are the ultimate in cool, offering higher-end, quality products and retail spaces to an increasing number of consumers with money they can spend. While none of the details of the deals (mentioned in such diverse outlets as ABC News and The New York Times) have been confirmed by authorities or Apple executives, the logic is sound.

Unfortunately, placing an Apple Store next to a poorly run business isn’t going to automatically help that business. While it’s true that Apple brings a certain cache to the table, the halo of success around them may or may not spread to, say, the restaurant next door. Restaurants have a notoriously difficult time succeeding in any venue, high-end or not.

In addition, as Chris Matyszczyk says on CNET, it’s not like Apple chooses low-rent or rundown retail spaces in the first place. Both the examples above are fairly hot properties to begin with. Adding Apple merely puts a shine on an already glistening retail outlet.

Bottom line, we love Apple and can totally understand trying to woo them into opening a store in cities and malls across the country. It just that, well, it might not work as well as planned.

Source: The Next Web


Image: Apple PR Images

  • dwelty


  • Lane Jasper

    Agreed. My local Apple Store in in downtown are, but it didn’t really bring much life to surrounding businesses per-say. People go to the Apple store but then pretty much go on their merry way. There’s a high-end outdoor shop next to it and it’s struggling like many businesses in this economy. The placement our my local town’s Apple store actually should have been put in a more central location in many residence’s opinion but they di place it downtown in hopes to re-vitalize the local downtown businees and patrons but it hasn’t had as much “pull” that they (business owners) were hoping.

  • wadena

    Yea, well I have to travel 2.000 miles to London to get to an Apple store. Apple should think about opening a store in Norway, but I guess a country with only 5 million people ain’t a priority. Even when 7 out of 10 own both an iDevice (iPhone/iPad) and a Mac computer. So one can argue, why the heck do we need one since 7 of 10 already own one…? Because its not the same to sit on/with my iPad and order online. But hey, Apple don’t care, do they? The money is flowing in anyway, why spend a boatload of it building a store here, right? I think Apple should show a little more appreciation.

  • BrianVoll

    Apple will soon be replacing its Carousel Mall; Syracuse, NY store –which according to a hiring seminar is the second smallest Apple Store in the world (next to one in Jersey I believe) with a better one.

  • HickmanByron

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  • joewaylo

    There’s lots of cities that need an Apple Store. Sometimes I wish there was an Apple Store in my city.