Enterprise Device Alliance (A Mac And iOS IT Resources Group) Gain Members And Expands Services


Enterprise Device Alliance adds new members, in-person events
Enterprise Device Alliance adds new members, in-person events.

This week, the Enterprise Device Alliance announced its newest member – London-based Trams. The Enterprise Device Alliance (a.k.a. EDA) is a non-profit group that provides resources to companies and organizations looking to integrate Apple technologies into predominantly Windows-based environments.

Trams is an IT solutions vendor and consulting company that provides services to customers in the UK, Ireland, and Northern Europe.

The company is the fourth new member to join the EDA since the beginning of this year (and the second technology integrator to join this year). The company will help the EDA expand the resources available to UK and European IT departments integrating Macs, iPhones, and iPads into their organizations – starting with a luncheon for IT professionals, to be conducted on June 19 at the Soho Hotel.

Earlier this month, the EDA announced that Milestone, a technology services vendor and consulting firm based in Fremont, CA with offices throughout the North America and Northern Europe, had also joined in a systems integrator capacity. Milestone is also kicking off its membership by hosting a luncheon for IT professionals today in San Jose.

The EDA’s core members are companies that develop Mac and iOS enterprise solutions. The following are the organization’s core members and the areas where there solutions are focused.

  • Absolute Software – Mobile and desktop management vendor with a focus on deployment and app management
  • Centrify – Mobile and desktop management vendor with a focus on Active Directory integration
  • Group Logic – File and print services for Macs in enterprise environment and file management for iOS devices
  • Web Help Desk – Cross-platform web-based help desk software
  • Code 42 – Backup solutions company
  • Parallels – Mac virtualization

The EDA began including systems integrators last year, allowing it to expand beyond predominantly web-based resources like white papers, case studies, and enterprise surveys. In-person events like those that Trams and Milestone are hosting are one facet that systems integrators are providing as part of the EDA. All member companies also contribute resources and information to the EDA including participation in several excellent webinars.

Source: Enterprise Desktop Alliance

Via: MacTech

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    Other than Parallels and GroupLogic this seems to be the island of misfit toys in terms of top picks for OS X or iOS integration.   Where are the industry heavyweights?   This alliance seems to be an alliance of folks trying to stretch marketing dollars during tough times.    Don King touts his particular stable of fighters as champs, although folks in the know would identify some as wannabees and others has beens.   At least Don doesn’t just run lame surveys and try to pass them and his stable off as representing boxing!