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Due App: The iPad’s Best Reminder And Alarm App Comes To The Mac


Due brings lots of iOS features to the desktop

If you own an iPad and like to get out of bed on time, then you probably own a copy of Due, the super-simple alarm and timer app for iOS. It’s probably the easiest and best designed alarm app around, and now it is available on the Mac.

Due for Mac brings much from its iOS version. First is iCloud sync. This already syncs your iPhone and iPad reminders, but now the Mac gets to play too. Tasks are created in natural language, so you can set a reminder by typing in say, Saturday 8pm and Due will turn that into an actual time and date.

That’s far from all. Due also has repeating auto-snooze, which will keep sounding the alarm until you get up or complete the task. It also uses Growl for notifications should you have it installed, and has something called “flexible recurrence,” which lets you set a reminder for, say, every second Tuesday at 4PM.

All this with a simple interface and repeatable, reusable alarms. If you’re looking for reminder apps, this one should be on your list. Sure, it costs $10, but it’s certainly worth it.

Source: Due App
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