The Vox amPlug Is A Tiny Guitar Amp With A Sound That Surprises [Review]


vox amPlug
Honey, I shrunk the amp.

Available in different sounding flavors, the Vox amPlug (about $40) is a teensy bit of amp that plugs right into your guitar. Add to that your favorite headphones, and you’re ready to jam-out from wherever you sit.

The Good:

The amPlug is tiny and easier to use than a regular pedal or amp. It plugs into your guitar’s 1/4-inch jack, and then your headphones plug into its side. Definitely cleaner than having to use a guitar cord, and much more convenient for those of us who don’t want to leave our couches (my amp is downstairs!).

The amPlug is also super simple to operate, with just three wheels to tweak: gain, volume, and tone.

And on its top, an aux jack. That’ll allow you connect your iPhone to the amPlug, boot up iTunes, then shred to your favorite tracks in real-time.

And this surprised me: the amPlug sounds pretty good! My brit-rock inspired AC30 model had no problem pumping dirty London sound waves through my Apple earbuds. And it no doubt would have sounded even better with some decent headphones.

The Bad:

I have to raise a brow at how much value each amPlug offers. Sure, they look cool and sound good, but each model only serves up one distinct sound. For a bit more cash, you could get a guitar adapter that allows you to plug your guitar into your iPhone, and then you’d have a whole app store full of amps, pedals, and cabinets at your disposal.

I also found the build-quality of the amPlug to be, well, a bit flimsy. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising considering the price point of these little dudes, but I’ve always been irked by things that don’t seem well-made.


The amPlug is fun, and it’s an easy way to give your axe a whole new sound. Could you get similar sounds from an app? Sure, if you have an iOS device and the right adapter, that’s a great way to go. But for beginners or people without an iDevice, amPlug offers a simple and inexpensive way to rock-out without ever leaving your couch.

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