This Guy Got 4 Magnets Implanted In His Wrist To Hold His iPod Nano [Video]



Most of us have kind of moved on from the iPod. It was really freaking awesome for a while, but then Apple came out with the iPhone and iPad. Since then iPod sales have slowly dropped, because why spend $150 on an iPod when an extra hundo will get you an iPod Touch? Some people still really really love their iPods though. Some in more crazy ways than others. Like Dave Hurban for example, who had four holes drilled into his wrist and plugged with magnets, just so he doesn’t have to bother with iPod Nano watch bands. Dave’s “invention” is called the iDermal, and it’s crazy, original, and pretty weird.

Eat your heart out Pebble, and check out the video below.


I guess Dave just took Apple fanboyism to the next level. If you’re not doing some kind of weird body modification then you don’t love the Fruit Company as much as he does, but I’m not even going to try and keep up.

Source: You Bent My Wookie

Via: Gizmodo


  • Michael

    That’s disgusting!

  • likethepear

    Fake. Magnets don’t stick to non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, titanium. iPod is aluminum. FAKE! 

  • wilburg

    A whole new level of psychosis!

  • sonofsci


  • Jennifer Dysart

    just another piercing :P

  • mr_bee

    Just another pain freak with a giant ego to boot

  • DISOttawa

    I hope this dolt isn’t allowed to vote.

  • ApplePr0n

    This is cool. He’s now entering his 15th minute of fame. Too bad you look like an idiot for life…

  • frijolax


  • montnwong


  • MUAH_69

    ?? ????????

  • stphotos

    Crazy, and cool, but more crazy! I can’t believe he did this himself, and not while out cold! 

    I gotta say though, I think his Apple fanboyism is much less a factor in this than his penchant for body modification. If RIM put out something cool and useful and would fit on his body, he probably would have done the same thing. And actually, RIM would probably pay for the attention:)
  • Plamen Vasilev

    iUnique !!!!!!

  • Pat Dayton

    what is wrong with creativity , and thinking outside the box! I think dave did something unique and creative here ! Body modification and piercing is just that , adding decoration to what you were born with, adorning it! It  has been happening since the dawn of time , many cultures still do it , with much more primitive means. So , what is wrong with moving forward instead of taking two steps back ! Yeah sure they will come out with new Ipods and new Iphones but if something is still useful, why do we as a society consider it trash .. more useless technology sitting in a drawer somewhere that could be useful! I for one think it is genius even if he just wears it as a watch!

  • Skitrel

    What the fuck is wrong with you commenters? This is ridiculously simple to do, it’s nothing more than 4 subdermal piercings. If he wants to wear the thing then let him, it’s not doing him any harm, it’s pretty cool, and he can remove the piercings just like any other whenever he likes and they’ll re-heal pretty fast when he does.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    As for the author here, calling this Apple fanboyism is ridiculous. I’m no fan of Apple, if anything I’m a google fanboy, you’re just grasping at the fact it’s a nano in order to insult as opposed to the fact that it’s because he likes body mods that he’s doing it. Simply owning an apple product does not a fanboy ninny make.

    As an aside, isn’t this site and it’s users a little self hypocritical? Are you not aware of the irony in your fanatical hatred of apple mirroring apple fanatics love for the products? The militant hatred displayed here reminds me of militant atheism which as an atheist myself I abhor. Militant attack and denouncing of apple usage is in no way less cult like than their fanaticism for the product and is in no way different to militant atheism’s cult like hatred and attack against religion.