Study Finds No One Cares About NYT Story Saying Apple Dodged Billions In Taxes


Well, duh. Apple is just way cooler than GE in the first place.
Well, duh. Apple is just way cooler than GE in the first place.

The New York Times published a story recently that attacks Apple for avoiding billions of tax dollars every year, but does it matter in the court of public perception?  A new study says that Apple’s reputation score in the aftermath of the report remains relatively unscathed. Compare this to General Electric (GE), a company also reported to be avoiding paying their fair share of taxes. GE’s score dropped considerably in the same amount of time after a similar New York Times story on them last month.

Compared to GE? Apple’s Teflon.

To compare the two companies, pollster YouGov asked respondents: “Would you be proud or embarrassed to work for this brand?” The resulting scores are compared in the graph above. It’s clear that GE’s reputation score dropped from the low 30s to the high teens after five days. Apple’s actually went up a bit, then returned to the same level it was before the story was published.

Seems like being the cool kid on the block helps. What also helps, most likely, is Apple’s quick, plain spoken response, which can be paraphrased as, “umm, we pay a lot of taxes, guys. And jobs. We do those, too.” Being open and forthright helps, and anyway, it’s not like Apple’s alone in this: pretty much every company avoids taxes by exploiting loopholes. It’s the American way.

Source: YouGov

  • joewaylo

    Of course we care, and we’re glad Apple doesn’t tax their users right now. They have yet to tax me for every iTunes item (music, videos and apps) that I’ve purchased. All of my sales receipts read $0.00 in the tax item.

  • InkyDavid

    Count me as “nobody”, ’cause this pisses me off.

  • vanmacguy

    It’s every citizens duty to pay the government as little as they (legally) can. 

    Paying them more encourages sloth and waste.
    Everyone does this and if you’re not using the loopholes, you’re a fool.
  • ErinsDad

    When GE makes the Quad-Vection Oven, we’ll love them too!  As long as we have to settle for Tri-Vection, we’ll cut them no slack.

  • Patrick M Phillips

    Yeah, just one BIG difference between Apple and GE…

    GE is a state subsidized political WHORE of a company that rakes in BILLIONS of tax dollars via gov’t monopoly contracts
    Apple… does not
    With that said, why the fuck to people continue to buy into this system of rape and corporatism where WE have money taken from us at gunpoint so the political class can dole it out to their favored interests and buy themselves elections? Americans are so much dumber today than their 18th and 19th century counterparts who saw this as IT IS.
  • Patrick M Phillips

    Count me as “nobody”, ’cause this pisses me off.

    Yeah, cuz if Apple would only pay its “fair share” the State could finally afford that war in Iran, more Wall Street bailouts, and hire more federal SWAT teams to raid those evil raw milk producers and medical marijuana distributors. 

    You know, all the things idiots like you love so much… 
  • HerbalEd

    Everybody … including all of us here …. tries to legally pay as little taxes as possible. So why should Apple be any different. Actually Apple has a legal fiduciary obligation to it’s shareholders to pay as little tax as legally allowed.