Game Over, Android: Apple Has 84% Of Mobile Gaming Revenue


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  • Jonathan Ober

    I read an article not too long ago about is Apple making a gaming console. While I think that a physical console isn’t necessary or even happening. Apple is in gaming as a hardware/software producer with the iOS and OSX gaining some ground with iOS ports to the mac. Then there are the millions of iPod, iPhone and iPad users. Pretty sure there are more gamers on iOS than Xbox and Wii and Sony. Some may say they have no unique IPs or whatever, but I argue that iOS has more unique IPs. Excited to see where iOS gaming is headed in the next few years.

  • huund

    Apple is to gaming what Starbuck is for coffee. The market for casual gaming is big and Apple is the most successful company tapping it. This analogy was coined by John Siracusa and I agree with it.

  • Steffen Jobbs

    It’s pretty much a given that Android device users are cheapskates and don’t want to pay for anything.  That’s why they wanted mobile Flash so badly because Flash games could be had for free.  To hell with Android game developers.  Who needs them.  The whole Android platform is based on the premise of a cheapskate society where the only money to be made was for Google’s click-based ad revenue empire.  I think that’s pretty much backfired on them and now the entire Android platform is struggling to make some sort of profit from anywhere they can.  I think the well has run dry for Android except for what Samsung is making.