Steve Jobs Lost Interview Returning To Theaters Next Week


Steve Jobs will be returning to the silver screen next week.
The lost interview with Steve Jobs will be returning to the silver screen.

Following a limited theatrical release back in November of last year, Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will be returning to Landmark theaters next week, starting on May 11th. Magnolia Pictures will be distributing the 70-minute “lost” interview with Jobs for a limited run in 19 cities. Footage from the interview with Jobs in 1995 was recently discovered and remastered for public distribution.

The interview was recorded for Robert Cringely’s Triumph of the Nerds documentary on PBS in the 90s. The master tape was lost over time, but a VHS copy was discovered in the director’s garage last October.

Jobs talks about his hate for Microsoft, opinion of Bill Gates, former Apple CEO John Sculley, the future of technology, and more. According to Cringely, Jobs was “at the top of his game” during the time of the interview, as he was beginning to transition out of his “wilderness years” at NeXT into the position of CEO at Apple.

You can check your local Landmark listings for show times next week. Magnolia Pictures plans to release Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview on DVD later this summer.

Ashton Kutcher is set to play Jobs in an upcoming indie biopic called Jobs: Get Inspired. The details of Sony’s larger film on Jobs have yet to be revealed.

Source: MacNN