Glif Plus Adds Serif And Other Shameless Puns



The Glif plus clamps the iPhone tight

Remember the Glif? It was probably the first Kickstarter project to take off, and of course it was an iPhone photography accessory. The original Glif probably went on to make its creators — Studio Neat –billionaires, and now it’s back, in the form of the Glif Plus. And what’s more, it comes with a bunch of bad new typography-based puns.

The Glif Plus the Glif itself, a tripod adapter that clips to the iPhone 4/S and allows you to attach it vertically or horizontally, and also acts as a plain, standalone stand. The Ligature is little more than a fancy tripod machine screw which will either attach the Glif to its own box to fashion a makeshift tripod, or to hang the Glif on a keychain.

Finally, the Serif is an extra clip which clamps the iPhone into the Glif. Previously it was held there by friction alone, but now your iPhone won’t fall out even if you mount it onto your mountain bike’s handlebars.

Better, you no longer have to deal with Kickstarter — the Glif Plus can now be bought from Photojojo for $30. Opt for the plain old Glif and you’ll pay $20, or combine with a Gorillapod tripod for $49. That sounds like a deal.

Source: Photojojo

Thanks: Kiran