Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit Is A Great Way To Save $55


Struggling to get rid of that last $750? Lensbaby has just the thing for you

If you have been thinking about dipping a photographic toe into the contrasty, blurred waters of Lensbaby’s lenses, and you happen to have $750 (but not $805) lying around the house with nothing to spend it on, then perhaps you might consider the Pro Effects Kit, a bundle of some of Lensbaby’s funnest gear, all in its own special bag.

The <a href=”http://store.lensbaby.com/pro-effects-kit/”>Pro Effects Kit</a> can be had for either Nikon or Canon bodies, and consists of the Composer Pro lens with the Sweet 35 optic (the optic with an actual adjustable aperture), the Edge 80 optic (80mm ƒ2.8 with a real aperture and a slice-of-focus tilt-shift effect), screw on, combinable 8mm and 16mm macro converters and a system bag. A cleaning cloth also gets its own bullet point on the list.

It’s a pretty neat setup, and if I was getting started on the whole Lensbaby thing I might consider it. As it is, I’m all Micro Four Thirds, all the time these days, so I’ll give it a miss., I guess I’ll just have to find something else to do with that damn $750.