U.K. Regulator Promises To Investigate Apple’s Misleading iPad 4G Claims


The new iPad may feature a 4G chip, but it's not compatible with all 4G networks.
The new iPad may feature a 4G chip, but it's not compatible with all 4G networks.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has promised to investigate Apple’s claims of 4G connectivity for the new iPad in the United Kingdom after the Cupertino company failed to remove all references to ‘4G’ from its U.K. online store. Although the device boasts 4G capabilities, they are not available in the U.K. where there are currently no 4G networks.

What makes this issue worse is that even when the U.K. does get its first 4G networks later this year, the new iPad won’t be compatible with them because it does not support the same frequencies. Having realized this, British customers are unhappy with Apple’s claims.

After receiving letters of complaint from disgruntled customers, the ASA asked Apple to remove all references to the new iPad’s 4G capabilities from its U.K. online store. However, weeks later, Apple is yet to make any amendments to its advertising.

The ASA is now promising to investigate Apple’s “potentially problematic claims.” A spokesman for the regulator said:

If it appears that the problem claims we asked Apple to remove are still appearing, we will investigate these new complaints.

Apple was faced with similar complaints from iPad users in Australia, who found after purchasing the new device that it isn’t compatible with the 4G networks down under. The company was forced to remove any references to 4G technology and offered to refund customers who were misled by its advertising.

[via BBC]

  • Michael Ajoodan-Poor

    I was informed in an Apple re-seller store that some pilons exist in London for 4G, being a geek however I know that this is a small trial in London.

    The sales man at KRCS was adamant that the 4G was capable in a large scope of London, so it is not just the advertising but the sales people as well are babbling rubbish to consumers. I told the guy ‘so this is actually just 3G right …’ and he seemed offended that I should say such a thing.

    It is really an issue that began in America with different levels of ‘4G’ but here it is really bad that they claim that 4G exists here because many people are falling for it !!!

  • Andrew John

    Apple needs to get its act together and stop flogging the 4G line where it doesn’t exist. It should say in big type “4G in the U.S, and nowhere else”, because that is the truth. Even when the UK gets 4G, it wouldn’t be on the bandwidth that matches the iPad chipset. In most countries, this breaches consumer law, so they should pull their ads and pull their heads in.