11 Year-Old Boy Urinates On $36,000 Worth Of MacBooks


This "urinating mischief child" was seen fleeing the scene of the crime clinging to the back of a mud flap.

We can all surmise that urinating upon your Mac will not be covered by your AppleCare, but here’s an interesting question: if you stand up right this second, unzip your fly and hose off all over your MacBook, can you even pay Apple to service the machines?

The answer is no, because Apple looks at micturated-upon MacBooks as a biohazard. Along with an obnoxious 11-year-old’s full bladder, the obscure fact above is what ended up costing a Pennsylvanian school district upwards of thirty-six thousand dollars to replace a cart full of thoroughly soaked MacBooks.

PennLive reports:

An 11-year-old boy urinated on several MacBook computers on a cart in the Upper Allen Elementary School Wednesday, damaging them beyond repair, according to Upper Allen Twp. police.

The loss came to more than $36,000, police said.

Police charged the boy with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief and are turning him over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

The reason it’s likely being calculated as a full loss is because Apple won’t service the MacBooks. Once urine is on a MacBook — whether animal or human — Apple considers it a biohazard. The more you know, huh?

It’s too bad he didn’t decide to whiz all over a cart of Windows laptops instead. His fellow students would have probably hoisted him on their shoulders and carried him out of the building, chanting his name and hailing him a hero.

Source: Boy urinates on school computers, causes $36,000 in damages, Upper Allen police say [PennLive] ᔥ Macenstein