Woz: Windows Phone Apps Are ‘More Beautiful’ Than Those On Android & iOS


Woz keeps a bunch of third-party navigation apps on his iPhone as backup.
Woz says the iPhone is still his number one... but for how long?

Despite his love for the iPhone and its iOS operating system, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak surprisingly feels that Windows Phone apps are “more beautiful” than their counterparts on Android and iOS, and jokes that Steve Jobs may have been reincarnated inside Microsoft.

Woz also revealed that he favours Windows Phone over Android, but that iOS is still his number one choice.

During a recent interview with A New Domain, Woz, who started Apple alongside Steve Jobs back in the late 70s, revealed how he feels about iOS and its rivals. He had good things to say about Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, and insists that his Nokia Lumia handset is currently his favorite device.

Just for looks and beauty, I definitely favor the Windows 7 phone over Android.

I’m kind of shocked on every screen — much more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iPhone. So I think that what Microsoft or Nokia did is that they went to some of the key app makers and got them to deliberately make specialized beautiful ones or they put their own themes on.

However, Woz carries two iPhones — one on AT&T and one on Verizon — and he says that it is still his number one device because its rivals just cannot compete when it comes to apps.

I did give my opinion that the Windows 7P phone had superior visual appearance and operation cues that were also more attractive. In my opinion, it sets the mark for user interface. I would recommend it over my Android phones given that it doesn’t yet have the breadth of apps.

Woz concluded that Microsoft had made Windows Phone so great that it reminded him of “great Apple things,” and he wondered whether Steve Jobs may have been reincarnated at Microsoft:

I also surmised that Steve Jobs might have been reincarnated at MS due to a lot of what I see and feel with this phone making me think of a lot of great Apple things.

I can imagine what Steve would have thought to that comment.

[via TechRadar]

  • Gareth Edwards

    Woz has a legitimate point here. I’m a mac/apple fan and have been for a getting to nearly 20 years so I come from a biased position BUT I have been extremely jealous of the UI on the lumias running windows. Zune was a complete waste of money in nearly every respect except one, it actually let MS discover an original and interesting approach to an interface that made them stand out from the crowd. The METRO design language is, from a pure design POV, very nice, modern and feels very ‘future now’. Compare the box of mess that is android® and the once cutting edge but now ageing iOS and you can see why Woz is taken with it. As am I. Whether it works I’m unsure, I’ve not had the chance to play with one, but aesthetically it pushed all my buttons. To put this into context, lets imagine if APPLE had come up with it. What would we be saying about it then?

  • gavernmusic

    Hmm I’ve seen the windows phone and I’m sorry but I feel it’s kind of ugly. I don’t like the UI and even “if” the apps may be more beautiful (debatable) the system by which you navigate through the phone turns me off instantly because it’s so Microsoft and so visual unfriendly not to mention the fact it crashes so often and theirs a million and one settings all over the place to change one simple thing. Windows phones are far too un-attractive for me. I bought the iPhone not just for apps but for its sleek design, crystal clear screen, ease of use & functionality and it’s high quality photography. The apps I use most of the time would be Skype, GarageBand, weather etc but as far as calendars, reminders, email etc iPhone is much better and easy to use for me personally. Plus my phone has not crashed yet and I’m sorry but I’ve friends with Windows phones and they are notorious for crashing. No thanks for me personally.

  • Ashley Balogh

    @gavermusic, except you have never used win phone 7? It seems a little disingenuous to argue its handles calendar, email and etc better when that is your unpracticed uniformed opinion rather than comparative use analysis. I’ve use iOS and android for over a year each and find my lumia 900 to be far simpler and more intuitive than either. The interface also makes emails and messages much easier to read.

    Also, the lack of apps argument is a little confused. The fact is the is is destined to handle many things natively that you would need and app for on another OS. I would bet 98% of the things you do with apps can be done on the phone and the other 5% you’ll find the app is there. Skype, Tango for video calls. Office preinstalled, for example.

  • Ashley Balogh

    Haha. 95% and 5% of course.

  • sonofsci

    There is a pretty clear cycle to those observing. Apple releases a product, often full of innovation for their yearly major release cycle. These releases often send competing OS’s just about back to the drawing board. Many months pass and Windows, Android et cetera release their new product with same or similar feature and often a minor “one up” to said feature. These include bigger screens, new gesture or whatever. Then, the new Apple product cycle comes around and other said OS’s look barbaric again.

  • ninja3

    Man, did you even see Windows Phone’s UI? It is completely differenet from iOS’s or Android’s. Think differenet man ;)

  • drblank

    As much improvement that iOS needs. I did a check at the local Best Buy and looked at a bunch of different phones, both Android and WIndows mfg by various companies. The result. What i found was a bunch of cheaply made garbage. I don’t know what else to say other than these other mfgs of phones just made some really noticeably cheaply made products. I noticed the same thing with the various brands of laptops and desktops. Just real cheaply made products.

  • drblank

    Hey Woz. I don’t know if you realize that if someone dies and they get reincarnated, then the person has to be born AFTER that person dies. Steve passed away last Oct. So, if Mr. Jobs was reincarnated, he would still be only a few months old at best, so there is no way he could be reincarnated as an employee at Microsoft. They might have someone or a group of people trying to do a better job with the app user interface, but Mr. Jobs reincarnated as an employee with Microsoft? Nope, sorry, virtually impossible. Do you honestly think that Steve Jobs would get reincarnated and even want to work for Microsoft? Sorry, I don’t think that scenario would happen either.

  • Dale Cawthon

    What I think Woz is saying with this is… it’s not about Google. It’s about Microsoft. It always was and it still is.

  • sonofsci

    @ninja3 I thought it was obvious I was referring to perceived superiority of competing OS’s during the late phases of an iOS cycle. I’m glad you like the Windows mobile platform so much, it’s my third choice personally. Microsoft has a nasty habit of abandoning mobile projects to hop on the next wave of innovation they didn’t create.

  • vegamcse

    I don’t know Gareth. I was just playing with a Windows Phone. Wasn’t impressed.