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Make Sparrow Your Default Mail Client & Introduce Push Notifications With Sparrow+ [Jailbreak]


Sparrow+ fixes two of Sparrow's biggest issues.

Sparrow is possibly the best iPhone app I’ve purchased so far this year; it has completely replaced the built-in Mail client on my device. But it does have a couple things missing: It doesn’t yet support push notifications, and of course, it’s impossible to make it your iPhone’s default mail client.

However, a new tweak for jailbroken devices called Sparrow+ fixes both of these things.

Sparrow’s developers have promised that push notifications will become part of the app in a future update, but if your iPhone is jailbroken, there’s no need to wait. Sparrow+ is a tweak, available to download now in Cydia, that allows you to receive notifications every time you receive an email, so that you no longer need to keep opening Sparrow and checking for notifications yourself.

What’s more, the tweak also makes Sparrow your default email client. This is something that Apple does not allow iOS apps to do, so unlike push, this will never be an official part of the Sparrow app. By making Sparrow your default mail client, the app will open automatically when you click on email addresses within other apps — just like Mail does right now.

Sparrow+ isn’t a free tweak — it costs $2.99 — but it’s indispensable if you’re a Sparrow user with a jailbroken device. And according to iDownloadBlog, its developer has vowed to introduce other features that will make the built-in Mail client even more redundant.

Check out iDB’s video of Sparrow+ in action: