Good: iPad Accounts For 97.3% Of Business Tablets, iPhone 4S For 37% Of Business Smartphones


Good's data shows a clear iOS preference in business and enterprise environments
Good's data shows a clear iOS preference in business and enterprise environments

Mobile management and security vendor Good released its quarterly device activations report. The report covers January through March and showed that the iPhone 4S was the commonly activated mobile device among Good’s business and enterprise customers followed by the iPad 2. The iPad overall (original, iPad 2, and new iPad) accounted for virtually all tablet activations.

Good’s quarterly report focused on iOS and Android device activations. The data is based on a mix of both business-owned devices and employee personal devices used in the workplace as part of a BYOD strategy.

The big standout data point from the study (available as a PDF) is that the iPhone 4S led all device activations accounting for 37% of all devices. It was followed by the iPad 2 with 17.7% of activations (it’s worth noting that the new iPad was only available for a few weeks at the end of the quarter – likely accounting for the the iPad 2’s popularity)

The iPad as a platform accounted for 97.3% of all business tablet activations.

All iOS devices combined accounted for 79.9% of device activations – a slight increase over the previous quarter.

In companies that supported both iPhones and Android smartphones, Android phones accounted for only 28%.

Broken out on a per-device basis, the iPhone 4S was the most popular device and the five most frequently used devices were all iPhone or iPad models. The Motorola Droid and Samsung Galaxy S II were the most frequent Android devices.

The report also shows a clear separation of Android devices between smartphones and tablets. While Android phones combined accounted for over a quarter of devices (26.1%), Android tablets accounted for only 2.7% of devices.

Comparing iOS and Android as overall platforms shows a steady 80% to 20% split through quarter.

Good's data shows a consistent iOS to Android relationship

Good also broke out numbers by industry with financial services showing the most activations overall as well as the most iPad activations, followed by business and professional services. The third most common industry for overall mobile device activations was healthcare. For iPads, however, it was life sciences.

Good's data shows financial services companies activating more iPads that other industries

The results definitely indicate that iOS is more popular and common in businesses than Android and that Apple currently has the business tablet market locked up (which has been demonstrated in other reports). It’s important to note, however, that Good’s results are based on its customer’s experience and that they don’t factor in RIM’s BlackBerry or PlayBook (RIM’s enterprise infrastructure doesn’t allow Good to access the needed information) or Windows Phone devices, which Good only recently began supporting.