Use QuickTime Player To Create Quick And Easy Videos [Video How-To]



From nearly the day I began making videos here at Cult Of Mac, I’ve been receiving questions from readers and viewers about how I make my videos. From what I use to edit, to how I create certain effects within videos, I’ve heard it all, which is why I thought I’d put together a video to show those who may also be interested in video editing how easy it can be to get started making videos of your own using only the software that came with your Mac.

Check out the video here

  • Unis Zuurmond

    And herein lies my biggest problem with Apple OSX Software. Duplication to the point of confusion for new users, and sometimes die-hards too. Examples: QuickTime v iMovie. QuickTime v DVDPlayer. Widget Calculator v Calculator App. Launchpad v Dock. PhotoBooth v iPhoto. QuickView v Preview. It could really be so simple, if Apple only made the following clear distinction: Creator v Reader/Player v Store. It even applies to iTunes (which is a kind of mess as well). Time for a biiig cleanup.

  • Kaweesha K Wijesinghe

    that’s amazing! never knew i could do this on quicktime