Apple’s Q2 2012 By The Numbers: iPod Touch Sales, Bank Balance, Two iPads For Every Mac In Schools & More



Apple had its best March quarter ever and, in many ways, the quarter was second only its its recent explosive holiday quarter. Here’s a quick run down of the major numbers from the company’s financial call.

• Quarterly revenue was $39.2 billion and quarterly net profit was $11.6 billion, or $12.30 per diluted share. That represents 47.4% growth compared to 41.4% in the same quarter last year. International sales accounted for 64% of the quarter’s revenue.

• 35.1 million iPhones – 88% growth over last year (sales in China were five times the same quarter last year thanks to the iPhone 4S and addition of China Telecom)

• 11.8 million iPads – 151% growth over last year

• 4 million Macs – 7% growth over last year (Retails stores sold 826,000 Macs – half to new Mac users)

• 7.7 million iPods – 15 percent decline compared to last year

• iPod touch sales amounted for more than half of all iPods sold

• iTunes now offers 28 million songs, 45,000 movies

• In education, iPad to Mac sales ration was two iPads for every Mac

• There are 125 million iCloud users – no indication that many are paying for additional storage

• The company has more cash and equivalents than last quarter – $110.2 billion

• This was Apple’s 24th quarter of outgrowing the PC market.

• Overall, there have 67 million iPads sold – It took Apple 24 years to sell as many Macs, 5 years to sell as many iPods, and 3 years to sell as many iPhones