This iPad Controlled Machine Gun Quadrocopter Is A Must Have For Armageddon [Video]



Meet Sharleen – the terrifying quadrocopter that you’ll want on your side during Armageddon or the impending zombie apocalypse. Made by the guys at FPSRussia, Sharleen is a modified quadrocopter that has been equipped with a submachine and a 100-round magazine. Sharleen is built to thrill and kill, and it’s also completely controlled with an iPad so you can squash your enemies from the comfort of your lazy boy while mayhem spreads on your city streets. Just check out how insane this robot is in the video below.

Don’t give me one of these because I’ll probably end up shooting myself, inexplicably explode like those plastic mannequins, and then no one will be there to give my pet goldfish the love she needs. Is Sharleen real? Probably not. FPSRussia has some pretty clever CGI skills, but terrible fake Russian accent skills. But that didn’t make me crap my pants any less at the thought of kids floatin’ these bad boys down my street, blastin’ anyone who doesn’t like Skrillex.

[via Laughing Squid]