Quirky’s Plug Power, The Shortest Extension Cord Ever?



I know, I know — it’s yet another power plug. But you’ll like this one, I promise you, because it solves a headache I guarantee you’ll have experienced.

It’s called the Plug Power, and it frees up that pesky leftover socket on the power-strip that has been hemmed in by all the other odd-sized adapters.

The [Plug Power](http://www.quirky.com/products/255-Plug-Power-single-outlet-adapter) comes from crowd-sourced design (and super-delayed fulfillment) house Quirky, and is little more than a short extension cord that lets you jam a bulky power-brick into a tiny gap. Why not make it with two sockets on the end and turn it into a socket-doubler at the same time? Simplicity, that’s why. By keeping it simple, the Plug Power can either remain always attached to your charger, or sat almost weightless in the bottom of your bag for when you need it.

Now, being a Quirky product, you need to pre-order and then wait for the minimum sales target to be reached before the production line is switched on. But this time we’re getting in even earlier in the process, and you get to suggest a price you’d pay for it.

So go ahead. And then maybe in a year or so, when the thing finally goes on sale, you might even remember you ordered it. Good luck with that.

[Via [Oh Gizmo!](http://www.ohgizmo.com/2012/04/20/plug-power-dongle-frees-up-some-power-bar-space/)]