Aviiq Turns USB Cables Into Tangle-Proof Works Of Art


Like pens, Aviiq's Ready Clips won't tangle, and are hard to lose

When traveling, I achieve tangle-free gadget nirvana with Griffin’s stubby little USB cables, a set of short, stiff connectors which are impossible to tie a knot in, let alone get twisted up with each other. But Aviiq’s new Ready Clips (slogan: “They bend over backwards for you”) go one better. Not only are they stiff yet pliable, they also have a built-in clip for securing them into a pocket.

Not your shirt pocket, mind you — geeks may already have inherited the Earth, but a fashion disaster is still a fashion disaster . No, these cables are meant to clip into the pocket of your man-sack (not that one). Looking like stylish ribbon connectors, the set contains an iPhone/iPad cable as well as micro and mini USB plugs.

And unlike the Griffin kit, which has three cables whether you want them or not, the Aviiq cables can be had in an almost pick’n’mix fashion, letting you ditch the mini USB cable that only your stupid old camera uses anymore, or buy just a pair of iOS cables.

Prices start at $20, and go up to $30, depending on your chosen combo. Available now.

[Thanks, Pedro!]

  • Lane Jasper

    Not too bad, this is a kit worth the asking price imo…20-30 for a custom set of what you need rather than a kit of 2 you’ll use and one extra you probably won’t use. Not too bad at all, length of 5.5″ is about right too, not too short and not too long to be clunky and in the way of excess cabling. +1 for these.

  • Swordfish

    Look strikingly similar to LaCie flat cables

  • nuthouse360

    The micro and mini USB cables are clearly mislabeled. How does a company that makes the cable create this clear error?