Securing Your Mac From Viruses And Malware [Video How-To]



With more and more security threats to OS X like the recent “Flashback” trojan, now’s a better time than ever to protect you Mac from any and all possible security threats. In this video, I’ll show you the best ways to keep your Mac safe from viruses and malware.

Thanks OSXDaily

Little Snitch can be found here

Sophos Anti Virus can be found here

  • Bart?omiej ?api?ski

    So Macs are not completely safe?! Gasp!!!

    I’m using antiviruses on my PC for ten years now. Welcome to the real world, Mac users.

  • Cody_H

    Sophos is completely free for macs…I’m personally a little paranoid myself because of school…my university makes us download tons of things for our classes, so just as a safety net since the Mac is becoming so much more popular than it used to be, I installed sophos. I installed for the first time last year though, and after browsing and downloading from all over the internet for a couple years, when I downloaded sophos and ran it for the first time last year, there was no spyware, trojans, viruses…nothing, so I’m confident in my mac without the antivirus, but still paranoid :/

  • Paul Calamai

    I would recommend Hands Off! over Little Snitch. In my opinion it has better functionality.