Get To A Saved Email Draft Faster [iOS Tips]



Saved email drafts in iOS are ridiculously cumbersome to get back to. You have to tap all the way back out to the main Mailboxes page, scroll down, tap the mailbox you want, scroll down again, and then tap (finally!) the Drafts folder. This is rather cumbersome, right? Well, we found something that is MUCH faster.

First up, you’ll need a saved email draft. Create a new email and enter the relevant recipient info and subject line. Then hit Cancel, in the upper left corner. You’ll get the option to either Save or Delete that Draft. Tap on Save Draft. Don’t worry that nothing fancy happened. It’s all taking place in the background. Once you save a draft, you’ll just pop back to wherever you started the email, typically your Inbox.

Now comes the fun part. Instead of tapping the new email button in the lower right, tap and hold it. After a couple of seconds, your most recently saved Draft will slide up from the bottom. Slick!

The draft stays available this way until you restart your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, so just know that if you do so, you’ll need to find your drafts using the long method above.

[Source: Obama Pacman]

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  • SkolVikes88

    Takes a minute to happen. Also, it only shows that last draft saved, FYI. But good tip!

  • MattGodfrey

    How absurd is it to have to press cancel to save an email?