Unofficial Spotify iPad App In The Works [Gallery]


The interface for an upcoming Spotify iPad app.
The interface for an upcoming Spotify iPad app.

Spotify is a wonderful platform for streaming music and sharing playlists with your friends, but the service’s lack of an official iPad app has been a great disappoint for Apple users. Spotify’s main competitor, Rdio, boasts a beautiful iPad app that lets its users browse and play music.

Spotify has been saying that an official iPad app is coming for over a year, but the trail has grown cold for many months. There are no unofficial Spotify for iPad app alternatives in the App Store at the moment. But it looks like that’s going to change soon.

Interactive UI/UX designer Max Petriv is working on what looks like an absolutely stunning Spotify app for the iPad. He’s been showing off teaser screenshots on Twitter and putting out the call for other developers to help him get the project off the ground and submitted to the App Store.

In an email to AppAdvice:

“I’ve started the project last week,” he said. “It all began when I realized how much I love Spotify, and how there is no official app. I didn’t want to create something that looked like their regular app either. The idea here is to make it more fun to explore music and find something you didn’t even know you liked.”

There’s no official ETA for the app’s release yet, but it looks like Petriv is committed to getting his app up and running for everyone sooner rather than later. You can follow him on Twitter for more updates as the project develops. If you’re a developer interested in lending a hand, make sure to get in contact!

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expanded album view
playing a song
  • Enkera

    Everyone please pray for this guy to release, it’s driving me nuts

  • Chas Lum

    This sounds great and major kudos to this guy. With that said, I doubt it will include any of the native Spotify music discovery apps like “Filtr” and “We are Hunted” which is what is really needed on the iPad. Yes, I know other apps exist (Spotiseek etc) but I want a one-stop-shop like Spotify on the PC/Mac. Regarding the news on Spotify’s progress, to say the “trail has grown cold” in an understatement! I can’t find any info on Spotify’s progress on this stuff! Here’s hoping we hear sooner rather than later.

  • spotidj

    There is an unofficial Spotify iPad app available in the App store: Spotable Check for details

  • spotidj

    There is an unofficial Spotify iPad app available in the App store: Spotable Check for details

  • brianistweeting

    This app does look beautiful.

  • a_usman

    That’s amazing. I think Spotify will release its own official app once this unofficial is released, or they may acquire it it :)