TextWrangler 4 Takes The Best Of BBEdit And Makes It Free



We’re a big fan of BareBones Software here and endorse their incredible BBEdit app whenever we have the chance, but if you don’t want to parcel out fifty bones for it, BareBones has just done everyone a solid and brought over many of the new features from BBEdit 4.0 to their free, powerful text editing software, TextWrangler.

The biggest change in TextWrangler is a redesigned UI, which takes TextWrangler’s previously right-side documents drawer and shifts it to the left, which is a more standard position across Mac apps these days.

In addition, TextWrangler 4.0 adds new find and multi-file search capabilities, the ability to search through compressed files, a better built-in FTP browser, OS X Lion full-screen support, better preferences, a retina-ready icon and a lot more.

TextWrangler’s always been one of the best steals on OS X, and today’s release makes it even better. You can download TextWrangler 4 here.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    I love TextWrangler!
    I am currently designing a domain specific language, and TextWrangler lets me create custom syntax highlighting rules for it. It is also easy to use, full featured and fast as can be.