Look At How Amazing The New iPad’s Display Looks Running OS X Through Air Display



Want to put in perspective just how pixel dense the new iPad’s display is? On the left, an 11-inch MacBook Air, running Safari under OS X Lion. On the right, the new iPad, showing that same Safari window under OS X Lion using Air Display. It’s like a tiny 27-inch iMac!

Check out Matt Gemmell’s Flickr for a full-res version. Beautiful.

  • sosickitzill

    The new iPad makes my Air look like a sad android screen. =(

  • Brian Gregory May

    Actually, more like a tiny 21.5″ iMac (1920-by-1080).

  • owerrc

    how much do these guys pay cult of mac to blog about it? I downloaded the app for my ipad and air and it runs horribly (super slow and laggy)…

  • JCT_WoodPad

    Nice use of a WoodPad there ;)