First New iPad Billboard Spotted In Hollywood




This morning we posted a story wondering why Apple hasn’t posted any billboards for the new iPad yet. Usually Apple posts new billboards almost immediately after a product is announced, but some old iPad 2 billboards are still lingering around the country with nary a glimpse of big sign adage for the new iPad. Well it looks like the new iPad billboards have just started to roll out. We just got the above picture from our Twitter follower that shows the first billboard for the new iPad, spotted in Hollywood CA. The billboard focuses almost completely on the new retina screen of the iPad rather than focusing on the design of the device like the iPad 2 billboards had.

Have you seen any iPad billboards in your city? If so, leave us a link to a picture of your local new iPad billboard and we’ll included it in this post.


  • johnkhoury89

    There has been one in Culver City, CA. It used to have the IPAD 2 AD, Now they changed it into the New IPAD it looks similar to the one pictured above!

  • dbrough

    I saw that exact one on Sunday near Hollywood Blvd.

  • Shaun Green

    My local AppleStore still has the iPad 2 on the large illuminated panels on the side of the store. I was very suprised they haven’t updated it with the new iPad. In the past this would have happend over night prior to launch day. Steve was noted for his obsessive attention to detail, I can’t believe he would have stood for this. Doesn’t look like the new Retail VP is off to a good start.

  • Czech_Boy

    What’s that art app in the ad?

  • ammoniteboy

    The app is ArtRage.