The OS X HackStore Aims To Bring The Cydia Experience To The Mac [Exclusive]


Introducing the HackStore, where Cydia meets the Mac App Store
Introducing the HackStore, where Cydia meets the Mac App Store (design in progress)
  • mr_bee

    This seems ill-advised at best and probably doomed to fail IMO.

    Anyone with the skills to use these mods doesn’t need easy-peasy consumer discovery store and anyone who does need the store is probably too stupid to wisely use the hacks. All this does is open up a lot of dangerous tricky stuff to the average user who will almost certainly have problems with it.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    This can be a valuable resource for utility vendors to gain market recognition and to make it easier for users to find what they need. The problem will be keeping malware out of the store and trolls out of the ratings.

  • Timothy Williamson

    I think this is a great idea. My main attraction to the Mac App Store is the fact that it remembers all purchases you’ve made, so if it ever comes down to reinstalling any of my apps, it makes it a lot easier to find and install those. Plus, it’s great for finding and learning about apps that I never knew I “needed”. :-)

  • Joshua Youngsma

    I happen to think this is a great service for a good many people. I have built a few Hackintosh’s for myself and friends and know a bit more than the average Mac user. This store would be fantastic to conveniently access a great many useful apps quite easily. It is true that some uneducated users could get their collective asses in a sling if they are not careful in what they choose for apps or how they use them, but then again, there are some people who deserve what they reap for themselves. This would benefit not only the Hackintosh community, but also the expert power Mac users out there. And maybe force some newbie’s to learn more(a good thing).

  • DSeleznev
  • Stroller

    DSeleznev, Go away troll, stop energetically promoting your website

  • brianistweeting

    I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner actually. It’s a pretty good idea, but I still think there might be a need for some level of review before admitting applications. Maybe not quite to the extremes that Apple tends to take it with their store, but something wouldn’t hurt.

  • khurt

    I don’t understand. Mac app stores such as existed before Apple Mac App Store and Mac users can already install whatever they want. So what’s the big deal here.

    The hacker community doesn’t need a store to make it easy to install apps and the user base that needs “easy to find and install” user base already has the Mac App Store.