Girls Around Me Dev: We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong [Statement]


Girls Around Me dev i-Free says the app isn't meant to allow you to stalk girls. That's not what the app's website says.
Girls Around Me dev i-Free says the app isn't meant to allow creeps to stalk girls. That's not what the app's website says.
  • joewaylo

    I’d report it as a privacy violation. They’re letting people use their gps as a tracking device to find the girls. Maybe they don’t wanna be found amidst predators nearby.

  • Erik Maier

    I’m still pissed at CoM for ruining this for everyone.

  • AndrewMclave

    john brown nose more like, you had the app for a whole month before you wrote this” oh my god, my girlfriend called me out on this smutty app so i had to deflect my shame with rightous indignation so she doesnt see me as the faux feminist horney little toad that I really am” piece. I mean, didnt you read up on this app before downloading, or do you just download at random and then wait a month or two before checking out your purchase! You even joked about thinking it was kind of cool til everyone in your company kind of looked at you with those what the f**k wide eyed stares! and colectivly urged you to”write about this” You knew all about how it was done before you bought it, a month ago! that was the time to be indignant. Not cos your girlfriend told you to be or cos your friends of both sexes embarrased you enough to be! Where were your high morals for that month I ask you? why did you have to be so reactionary to do the right thing? But all that aside, your above piece reeks of powercrazed hit them when theyre down type overkill, and its time for you to get down of your high horse and show some humility! Or you could continue to look petty and vindictive! Its up to you john! By the way, sooner or later, if she hasnt already, your girlfriend is going to ask herself ,and maybe even you, the same questions! I wouldnt like to be in your shoes when she does John! But then, karma always has a funny way of surprising us when we least expect it, and in ways we least expect it to too!

  • Adrian May

    The tone of this is exactly what’s wrong with Western society: all strangers are assumed to be perverts. It’s a wonder we manage to make friends at all, let alone reproduce. Isn’t it safer if the girls can get the supposed perv’s (or potential future husband’s) online ID at the outset? If this supposed perv is after nothing but a one night stand or rape victim, why does he care about all that information? Anyway, don’t we all imagine at the outset that it’s just gonna be a fling but then fall in love in spite of ourselves? I think this kind of paranoia just goes to show that people should switch the computer off and actually go outside and meet some human beings.

  • Whatmenwillneverget

    Adrian May is so obviously a man it hurts. All strangers are assumed to be perverts because they can be. Every man that walks up to you already knowing information about you that you did not explicitly give to him (and being ignorant about online safety or programs such as that is not explicit consent by any means. Silence is not “yes”) is a creep AND a pervert if the reason he obtained that information was to attempt to have any sort of relationship with you. Men don’t have to worry about their safety like women do. As a woman you can’t just exist easily in a room alone with another man that isn’t already your significant other or a relative (and even then that can be questionable depending on the situation). Every single time i am alone with a man i have to worry. I have to double check to make sure i have a way to protect myself. Walking alone with a man near you? Automatic worry. This app is horrendous. It’s terrifying that as a woman someone has made it even easier to hunt me down like some subhuman species for sport, let alone if their intention is not to try to woo me, but to force themselves upon me because they liked my profile the best. This app might have the functionality for woman to use it to find men, but it’s directed at men who can and will use this against women. Anyone angry about this app getting taken out is the problem with apps like this, the apologists.

  • Laci Csernetics

    I don’t give a shit. These guys are just cool. With brilliant ideas. :))

  • Adrian May
  • Cole Shores

    First off I’m not here to troll or stir the pot, I am a avid mac and iPhone user. I completely agree with the value of an app like this. When your meeting people its a blind shot to make a connection with someone so I don’t know whats wrong with organizing their info in such a way where you can know about a person before you start talking to them if you run in to them so you can make that initial spark. Okcupid and its app does it and its not 86’d in general because all both girls and guys agree to it when they create their profile but that kind of tech is very powerful.

  • RBB

    i prefer to learn from the girl when i meet them than use such programs, not everyone would use such programs in a “bad” way and i can see both sides of the coins in all of this. More Education is needed on personal privacy in this day and age is the MAIN issue, everyone is just talking circles around this.

  • macewan

    I hear the updated Pro version is called “Girls Gone Wild Around Me”. Has in app purchase drink for girls around you. *disclaimer: only in app purchase at fastfood restaurants are French Fries at the moment… hear they’re working on Milk Shake in app purchase to be released with next update.

  • NoFaithInHumannokind

    The jaw-dropping asinine PRECEDENT that this Pandora’x box can set (created by socially retarded with no power of their own), and the stupidity of sociological dysnfunction and human stupidity never ceases to amaze.

  • NoFaithInHumannokind

    But DO be careful, my dears–do be careful! You know why??? ‘Cause the Frankenstein’s monster always bites it’s creator!