Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 Beta Downloaded Over 500,000 Times In Less Than A Week


Photoshop's new dark interface is perfect for working late into the night
Photoshop's new interface in all of its dark glory.

Adobe released a free beta of its next version of Photoshop CS6 last Wednesday, and the company has seen over half a million downloads in less than a week. Considering this is the first time a free beta of Photoshop has been released to the public, the numbers aren’t altogether that surprising.

Demand for Photoshop CS6 is unprecedented, and the initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. No exact ETA has been given for the full release.

Adobe’s statement:

It’s not often that we provide an advance preview of the next release of Photoshop and we’re grateful for all the support and buzz the beta has received. We’re glad you’re as excited as we are to see all of YOUR requests come to life.

The Photoshop CS6 beta was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter when it was released, and Adobe’s sneak peek video has been viewed over 3 million times. The new software brings new features like content-aware patch, iris and tilt-shift blur, wide angle correction, skin tone selection, basic video editing, and more. You can still download the free beta from Adobe Labs. It will probably expire when the full version is released.

  • Jairo Gomez

    I finally got a free program that has the magic eraser tool and now they want to take it from me

  • IMFletcher

    Hopefully they will use this data to change to a high volume pricing model. Imagine how many buyers they’d have if they sold it for $50 or $100.

  • Lane Jasper

    Does your betas (people below) have a weid splash screen of a cat? I downloaded it via torrent because it was much faster and mine does. TIA

  • TopAgentWebsite

    Did not know there was a new adobe!

    Does anyone know the price of it?
    I used to have a pirated version but that was like in 2010 and it was crap.
    What are the benefits of the new version???
    Regards Caroline,