CamOne Action Camera, Now With Interchangeable Lenses


Now you can zoom your camera as you zoom through the skies
Now you can zoom your camera as you zoom through the skies

Those little action cameras look like a great way to capture your extreme sporting exploits, but one thing has always put me off (well, two things — I already have enough cameras): the lack of interchangeable lenses. The wideangle that most GoPro-style cameras use is great for close up sports action, but the CamOne Infinity is about to get add-on glass, making it adaptable to almost any action-shooting task.

The CamOne Infinity comes with one lens which will shoot at 127˚ or 170˚ depending on whether you choose 1080p or 720p video, but coming soon is a lens which will offer 142˚ and 96˚ views. If that does well, then hopefully there will be a lot more new lenses coming out.

But the lenses are a small part of this package. The CamOne already sits at the center of a ridiculously extensive range of accessories, from an underwater casing to a 5.8GHz video transmitter and receiver, a plug-in hi-res screen, video goggles (!) and various adapters to mount it on anything from helmets to surfboards.

If you want to get started before the new lenses are available, the camera itself costs a reasonable €250 ($330), and the accessories are even more affordable. The DiveBox waterproof case is just €35 ($46), a fraction of the cost of cases for regular cameras, and the external screen is only €80 ($105).

Check out the whole range at the CamOne site.

[Via Gizmag]