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View Reminders By Date in Calendar View [iOS Tips]



Reminders is a pretty slick to-do app, made by Apple for OS 5, that uses location and calendar data to help us remember the milk, our laundry, and any other important task we might need reminding for. Here’s a tip for the Reminders app that may be old news to some of you, but we’re betting that if we just found out about it, chances are there are other folks who haven’t noticed it, either.

When looking at the list view of Reminders, it’s pretty clear what has been completed, and what’s still left to do. Attaching dates and locations to reminders is a fairly simple process as well, accomplished with a simple tap on the arrow / greater than symbol to the right of each reminder, then a tap on the “Remind Me” field.

Viewing the dated reminders is also easy to do with a tap on the “Date” button at the top of the app. This takes you to a list of Reminders for a specific day. Getting to other days is easy, swiping left or right with a finger, or along the bottom, either by tapping the arrow left or right, or dragging a finger across the single date numbers below.

What you may not have noticed (I hadn’t, until now) is the little calendar icon in the upper left corner of the iPHone screen. Tapping this gives you a full-on month calendar, with easy access to all the days in the month, and a week’s worth of the following month, for your tapping enjoyment. It’s a simple thing, but that’s what makes me love this operating system like no other: the little things.

[Source: MacStories]

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