Just Mobile’s Highway iPhone Charger Is A Luxurious Match For Your Car’s Dash [Review]


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The Highway looks great against a black car dash.

I love getting to review products from Just Mobile because I know they will always have excellent build quality. The Highway car charger for the iPhone is no exception. At about $35, the Highway isn’t exactly price sensitive. You’ll be able to find a multitude of cheaper solutions at your local Walmart, but you won’t find anything quite as luxurious.

I’ve been using Just Mobile’s charger on the road with my iPhone 4S for about a month now. What I love most about the design is its Apple-like simplicity. The Highway features treaded aluminum around the tip (there’s a solid black version available as well) and and a green power light to let you know when your device is receiving a charge. The charge indicator is very reminiscent of the battery status indicator on the side of Apple’s MacBook. It’s subtle and flush with the aluminum design. Little things like that speak to the attention to detail Just Mobile puts into even the most trivial of accessories.

The Highway is outfitted with a surge protector and 2.1A charge output. It powered my iPhone 4S at about the same pace as Apple’s wall charger, so no problem there. You’ll hear the familiar battery noise when you plug your iPhone into the Highway. It does its job well. For $40 you can get the Highway Pro with dual-USB ports for charging multiple devices at once.

Physically, this thing is petite. It’s so small that it will hardly be noticeable in most vehicles without the aluminum crown. The Highway is a clean dashboard’s best friend.

The only trouble I had with the Highway was the actual cable. I found it to be a little too small and coiled for my liking. You don’t get a lot of stretch, at least not initially, so keep that in mind if you want the kids to be able to play music from the backseat while your iPhone is plugged in.

I recommend the Highway for any traveling iPhone user that appreciates quality design in something like a car charger. Otherwise, go with a cheaper option at your favorite electronics store.

The Highway iPhone charger can be purchased from Just Mobile’s website.

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    So who is  dumb enough to buy  this $50 ?

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